History of Company

Fath Noor Mihan Science-based Company was established in 2013 with the cooperation of a group of academic staff members of the university with the aim of producing science-based products. Its mission is to design and manufacture all kinds of optical and optomechanical equipment and provide efficient optical solutions. By localizing the technologies available in the world and implementing new ideas in the field of optics, this company is trying to solve the gaps in this field in our beloved country, Iran. In this regard, Fath Noor Mihan Company, relying on the scientific ability and creativity of specialized human resources, after the completion of the new knowledge-based stage, in 2019, succeeded in obtaining a production knowledge-based license in the field of machinery and advanced equipment technology from the Vice President of Science and Technology. has been During its activity, Fath Noor Mihan Company has tried to deliver its products with competitive quality and favorable after-sales service to the hands of professors, researchers in universities and research centers and other audiences in the relevant industries, and their satisfaction in these years is a proof of this claim.

Company Clients