Piezo Nano Positioner

In many research laboratories, as well as in parts of industry, it is important to apply very precise nanometer displacements. In devices such as optical microscopes, atomic force microscopes (AFM), interferometers and allographs, optical tweezers, optical telecommunications, optical integrated circuits, and optical devices that require high-speed and high-precision displacement adjustment, the piezoelectric nanodisplacer is the best choice. Is.

The designed piezoelectric module consists of a piezoelectric ceramic piece along with a strain-gauge sensor and a voltage amplifier to generate 0-140V voltage to feed the piezoelectric piece. The momentary reading of the location is done by this sensor, and with the help of a control driver, it is possible to correct the displacement at any moment in the form of feedback in the location mode.

The device has a screen and you can see the location and voltage data on this screen at any time. Also, the control driver of the device can be connected to the computer through the USB port at the same time, and in addition to viewing the data on the monitor at the same time, it is possible to choose between the voltage mode and the location, set the working voltage, the location and the steps of the winding screw through the design software. For the device, the ability to program through different software is also provided.

This shifter can withstand a load of 500 grams, and due to its small dimensions, it can be easily used in optical arrangements and mobile tables, including microscope tables.

Model: PNP-A-20
Angular deviation: >250 micro rad
Maximum load that can be carried: 500 grams
Ingredient: Aluminum, steel
Sensor type: Strain-Gauge
Screen: Yes
Manual control: Yes
Computer control capability: Yes (through designed software)
Programming ability: yes (via serial port)
The length of the cable connecting to the computer: 1 meter
Computer port: USB2
Compatible OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Range of motion (manual part): 25 milimeter
Accuracy of each step (manual part): 10 micrometer
Movement range (piezo part): 20 micrometer
Accuracy of each step (piezo part): 1 nanometer
Dimensions: 90x170x280 mm
Response time (in location mode): 100 milliseconds
Device weight: 450 grams
Allowed voltage: 0-150 voltage
Maximum displacement: 38 micrometers
Hysteresis: 15%
Oscillation frequency (no load): 34 kHz
Impedance: 150 milliohms
Capacitance: 3.5 micro F
Operating temperature: C˚ -130-25
Number of channels: single channel
Voltage change rate: 0-140 voltage
Voltage change accuracy: 0.01 voltage
Cable length: 2 meters