Diode Laser Source

Semiconductor lasers or diode lasers have been around since the early 1960s. The output beam of this type of lasers has a spatial and temporal coherence that depends on the material used and the internal geometry of this type of lasers. Due to reasons such as small size, low cost and speed of diode lasers, their use in different sciences and various industries has become increasingly popular.

Due to the importance of using this kind of lasers in research and educational laboratories, the experts of Fatah Noor Mihan have designed the diode laser light source in such a way that its output intensity can be changed by the electric controller. Also, the indicated diode laser is surrounded by a mechanical holder. By using this holder, the diode laser can be easily installed and fixed. Adjusting the output beam angle is another advantage of this holder. It is also possible to easily connect the light beam expander that is placed in front of the diode laser to the head of this product.

Features and characteristics of the diode laser light source:

  • Equipped with a low power diode laser.
  • Equipped with a control volume to change the intensity of the laser diode.
  • Equipped with stand by system key.
  • Cable length: 2 meters.
  • Powering the device: with a separate adapter.
  • It has a table for adjusting the angle of the output light beam.
  • Ability to connect optical broadband.

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