Kinematic Mount Plate

The placement of different optical parts (such as mirrors, prisms, cylindrical lenses, beam splitters, etc.) and the adjustment of their optical axis relative to the optical axis of the optical arrangement is always important. In order to meet this need, the science-based company Fath Noor Mihan produces and markets adjustable screen holders. This holder can be used in both horizontal and vertical modes. In this product, from three adjusting brass screws with 500 micron step, in order to precisely adjust the main axis of the optical part in the form of angles around the two axes x and y (tip and tilt) and moving the optical part in line with the optical axis (z axis). Used. Also, a holding arm is installed to keep the optical piece fixed on the screen. The matte coating of the screen prevents the reflection of unwanted light in the optical arrangement, which is very important and effective in reducing the amount of noise in sensitive arrangements.


Model: KMP-A-01
Weight: 220 grams
Material: Aluminum 7000
Adjusting Screw Pitch: 500 micrometers
Coating type: matte
Dimensions: 55 * 55 * 40 mm