Providing Optical Solutions

With more than 5 years of experience in conducting research activities and benefiting from the experiences of experts and experienced university professors, Fatah Noor Mihan Company is ready to provide the best optical solutions for your technical challenges. Among the advantages of optical solutions and the use of optical methods, we can mention their high accuracy, high speed of measurement and analysis, remote measurement and non-destructive measurement. This company is ready to provide optical solutions in the following cases:

  • Surface measurement and three-dimensional profiling of objects with nanometer accuracy based on optical interferometric methods
  • Implementing machine vision solutions for automation and increasing accuracy and speed
  • Implementation of image analysis algorithms and data and information extraction
  • Determining the concentration and type of chemical, biological and pollutants
  • Atmospheric measurements to determine the amount of pollution and dust
  • Measuring, determining and applying very small displacements in the range of micrometers and nanometers
  • Distance measurement, speed measurement and optical measurement based on laser methods
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Experiences of the company in the design of optical systems

Designing optical systems with Zemax-EE optical design program
Reverse engineering of optical systems and analysis of its various components
Mechanical design related to the designed optics and analysis of the mechanical system designed in Zimax software
Lighting systems design and optimization with the help of software
Simulation of dichroic mirrors and filters and thin layers in optical systems
Physical radiation propagation and simulation of wave phenomena such as: Diffraction, Talbot, Mare and interference
Simulation and analysis of spatial coherence and temporal coherence in the form of complete coherence and partial coherence
System MTF analysis and actual detector effects in device MTF determination
Simulation of all interference and interferometric systems
Design, simulation and analysis of non-collinear optical systems (sources, beam splitters, beam splitters, scatterers)
“mie” and “Rayleigh” volumetric scattering simulation
Simulation of LEDs and other complex sources
Simulation of atmospheric scattering by Rayleigh and May scattering and scattering from water droplets