Optical 3D Micro Profilometer

The microprofilometer device made by the science-based Fatah Noor Mihan company is a developed example of micro-scale three-dimensional measurement tools. Based on the phenomenon of interference, this device operates in two modes, white light microscopic interferometry and phase shift interferometry, and measures the shape and roughness of surfaces with micrometer accuracy. Therefore, it is non-destructive and does not cause any damage to the test sample.

In addition to micrometer-level accuracy and repeatability, higher data collection speed, greater field of view, and the possibility of measuring larger roughnesses without reducing accuracy are among the strategic features and advantages of this product compared to devices with similar uses.

Description characteristic
SSP-002 Model
Scanning white light interferometry

Phase transfer interferometry

3D top measurement method
Lineac-x4, x10, x20, x40 (depending on the design) Microscopic objective lens
mm22.5 x 2.5 field of view (object x10)
5 megapixels, monochrome Camera
LED with variable intensity and valve source of light
nm650-620 The central wavelength of the light source
Piezoelectric and motor Axial shifter type
Capacitance/resistance Axial displacement sensor type
0-5 cm Range of motion in axial displacement
µm1 (open circuit) and less than µm1 (closed circuit) Accuracy of each step in the axial displacement
µm1 Stability in the location of the axial shifter
µm1 The smallest axial movement step
Two-dimensional motorized linear displacement Sample switcher
µm 1 Accuracy of each step in the sample mover (each axis)
200 mm Movement range of the sample mover (each axis)
computer/user (software) Ability to control
Ability to make custom based on customer needs Sample holder