Accurate measurement and monitoring of fine dust is the best way to identify the source and origin of the dust phenomenon.

 Lidar device is the newest and most modern tool in meteorology and atmospheric studies. In this device, laser power is used to identify and measure suspended particles in the atmosphere.

The data obtained from lidar, together with satellite data and reverse analysis obtained from software packages, help the experts in this field to calculate the origin and geographic range of fine dust with very good accuracy on a geographic scale (of the order of 1 degree geographic) and synoptic. do The same capability is also possible in determining the direction of movement.

 Fatah Noor Mihan company is the only lidar manufacturer in the region and this device was built for the first time as a doctoral project of one of the members of Fatah Noor Mihan company and it is located in Zanjan Graduate University of Basic Sciences and has been in use since the completion of the project. The second lidar device is located in Lake Urmia.

This device is used in the following cases:

  • Meteorology and climatology studies
  • Study of atmospheric pollutants
  • Measurement of dust transport
  • Determining the qualitative characteristics of clouds according to their size, thickness and type
  • Determining the volume of rainable water from clouds
  • The possibility of adapting the data obtained from lidar to the geographical map of the region
  • Monitoring of atmospheric changes