According to the needs of various research, educational, laboratory and industrial sectors, the knowledge-based company Fatah Noor Mihan has designed and manufactured spectrometers with quality and price that can compete with similar foreign samples. The optical spectrometer made by this company is offered in two models, which has the ability to detect the absorption spectrum of the sample in two wavelength ranges of 1100-250 nm and 1100-400 nm, depending on the customer’s needs.

An optical spectrometer is a device for measuring the absorption coefficient of materials in terms of different wavelengths of light. This device consists of an internal light source and a spectrometer. Chemistry, biology and medical diagnosis laboratories, food and pharmaceutical industries, paint industry and metallurgy are among the most important users of this type of spectrometer.

Among the other features of the spectrometers manufactured by the knowledge-based company Fatah Noor Mihan, we can mention high sampling speed, small dimensions, very low weight and easy transportation.